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In a parallel world we are all connected to each other, In our thoughts, In our heart, In a parallel world. But what we used to be, apart. In a distance of our voices and voidness. Stay with the connected strings © Gilbert Xavier

and i asked
am i connected
to the deep inside you?

The line between true self and feigned self is blurred on all sides. Which i think is a rather handy metaphor for falling in love © Gayle Forman

with the invisible roots
from the layered skin of you?

We are the creators. We create our own universe, virtually. On every interval the voice echoed, with a new story of ourself. Every untold story, we decorate with a neon circle, with colours of vibrant shades, from deep inside of the creator. The illusion of these colours, simply creates a magical world, where the creator can day-dream. But the momentary lapse, of this celebration ends with a colourless circle. How pathetic! The poor creature, the creator, He still hopes for the moon rising with new shades of inner self. © Gilbert Xavier

all the energy you transfer
to the heart of your thoughts?

On silent intervals. On every silent interval, Heart keeps awake, With melodies of warmth... Every heartbeat sings in rhythm, For our precious ones... Everlasting things are incomplete © Abhilash Fraizer

i asked again
am i still connected?

Sailing clouds, with outshined edges, passing lights, from the crimson sun, whistling winds, touched my hands, and I wished again, for the moments we shared © Gilbert Xavier








What makes your mind fall madly and deeply in love with a brand identity or design? It is sheer aesthetics combined with logical elements. Our ways to creation is never confined to a box-of-thoughts or theories.


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