Seeker of light. Gatherer of shadows. Collector of moments.

Somedays, you’re so tired that you leave parts of yourself behind, and when you come back to collect your dismembered bits, you don’t remember where to begin. Somedays, you’re so lonely that you befriend shadows and reflections, unaware that both would cease to exist without the essence of light. Somedays, life feels like a smoke engulfed empty bar, crowded with deserted tables, fading music, upturned chairs, and half-eaten, leftover morsels upon chipped porcelain plates. 

Somedays, you search for the elusive words that keep you gazing at the blank page like those staring at the sun, waiting for the eclipse. Somedays, you're the amnesic painter who forgot that his tired canvas is waiting beside a table filled with gnarled tubes carrying dry paint. Somedays, you don’t know what’s wearier ~ the weight of your heart or its incessant beating… Somedays, love feels like a losing game; even if you’ve fought hard and won, something inside you feels broken and defeated. 

Somedays, nothing comes to your rescue, jazz, poetry, nicotine, nor wine; all you do is waltz upon that rickety raft, clasped with your memories, ghosts of your past. Like Inarritu says, we are also what we have lost. Somedays, it's hard to remember how much you’ve forgotten; faces drawn with a wisp of smoke, the embers still warm. Someday’s thoughts lie unattended and rotting as food for hungry ants, waiting to devour upon your fruit. 

Somedays, you wait for the day to get over for a new one to begin without realizing that life is often a song playing in a loop without an interlude. Somedays, all you want to do is let your fingers bleed on the typewriter, knowing that everything will eventually turn to dust ~ bones, petals, and blood. Somedays, all your understanding, wisdom, perception, and beliefs feel like the thinnest defense that you’ll have against the onslaught of truth. Somedays, you know nothing could save you, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Cohen’s blue raincoat or Cave’s arms. 








Visual artist who works at the fluid intersection of arts, culture, media, communication and self-reflection. His theoretical interests are also wide, often inquiring about the roots and fundamentals of art history, storytelling, and philosophy.


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