Ayurveda Trails & Journals are dedicated to everyone, who would like to travel to India, Sri Lanka and Nepal and search answers to these questions. It does not want to be anything else, but art expression of healthy life style inspired by Indian ancient healing traditions, creating harmony with the dynamics of contemporary life.

The word ayurveda means "science of life" and our philosophy is "art of travel". We would like to connect science and art. For us ayurveda is also a symbol of personal evolution, a way how to heal not only our body, but also our soul. It is a quest for the right journey to reach a balance between human beings and nature.

If you decide to travel and explore the world of ayurveda or if you search for healing solutions to your health problems, we connect you with our team of ayurveda doctors, yoga and travel experts who help you to choose the right ayurveda resort or hospital and design the healing and travel plan in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal for you. 

"Life is like a book of mysteries, which we do not understand if we do not travel. Everyone should travel to find their own way of mystery and wisdom. That is perhaps the key; learn to travel, learn to trust everything that comes in your path."
Dr. George Eassey


Ayurveda Trails does not aspire to scientifically define ayurveda as a medicine system, or to provide complex explanations. In the contemporary technology driven world, where the natural poetry and joy of life is missing, we would like to highlight some aspects of ayurveda that allow us to rediscover ourselves and the potential hidden within us.

Ayurveda is a science of life and it is a spiritual science. It does not deal with treating patients and their diseases. It has a far more supreme goal - to bring about understanding of what a human being is in his true nature. It makes one understand that everything we need, we already have. The five elements, from which everything is composed: earth, water, fire, air and space, can provide us with all the energy we need for our life. This energy was given to us freely by nature.

Ayurveda is Indian secret of health, youth and beauty - open yourself to healing power of nature, let her touch your soul, talk to your mind and cure your body.


Ayurveda is not a religion. It is 'dharma', the highest wisdom written in the Vedas, India's ancient sacred books. The Vedas are like the wind, they do not belong to any man or country.

The Vedas do not say, this is the only way to God, but that every journey, followed with belief, humility, and steadfast attention to ritual, will always lead to truth in the end. Truth can be realized through a lot of ways, in this tolerance lies the wisdom of the Vedas.

Giving a meaning to the things we do is called 'artha'. When a meaningful life arises from your intuition, such a life bears fruits of happiness and energizes you. Creative energy full of enjoyment, that is 'kama'. All of us have come to where we are because of the creative energy of the universe. If we live fully, out of its creative principles, freedom is born. Freedom, 'moksha', means creating something beautiful out of the depth of our soul.

In ayurveda dharma, artha, kama and mokhsa are called the four essential meanings of life.


India is the cradle of yoga. It has been handed down through living tradition and perfected over time by thousands of great teachers. We connect it with the image of a healthy flexible body in acrobatic position, with motionless meditating yogis and mysterious Asian philosophy.

In Vedic Sanskrit yoga means connection. Yoga teaches us, that all aspects of our life are interconnected, individual self with universal being, only through realization and experience of wholeness we can satisfy our inner quest for wisdom and eternal happiness. This connection is impossible without a healthy body, steady mind and clear consciousness, therefore yoga builds on ayurvedic principles. A yogi not familiar with ayurveda is only a half yogi and an ayurvedic physician who doesn't know yoga is only a half physician.

The very yoga holds the promise of mystery, and it draws us with its intellectual spiritualism. There are many places to practice yoga. We will help you to discover yoga and choose the best center or resort for you in India or Sri Lanka.


Ayurveda defines a human as the assemblage of the five universe elements and the 'higher self'. The universe is made up of five elements: Earth (solid state of matter), Water (liquid state), Fire (transforms solids into liquid and gas), Air (gaseous form) and Ether (space in which everything happens).

These five elements combine in pairs to form three dynamic forces called doshas or 'that which changes'. Without these three forms of energy (movement, metabolism and stability) life would not be possible. Its pulsation is maintained by constant interaction between kinetic 'Vata' and potential 'Kapha' energies. The transformation of one form into the other is ensured by 'Pitta'. No dosha on its own is capable of creating or maintaining life, they must work together.

This coexistence and dynamic interplay of all the three is the basis of any human activity. Ayurveda is based on harmony of bio-energies, using external and internal treatments, cleansing diets and psychological therapies, which help in living a stress-free and problem-free life.


Prana, universal energy, is our melody of life. It can be experienced everywhere in touch with nature in the air, water and food we consume. Ayurveda Trails explores this energy in all its colors, aromas and tastes, because we believe that the best food tastes like happiness.

In Sanskrit, this philosophy is expressed in word 'vishadam', which means sadness but also means toxin or poison. Sadness is poison for our body. If we are under pressure for a long time, it influences our stomach and digestion. Bad digestion is the cause of all diseases. That is why happiness, inner balance and love are influenced not only by the heart, but also by the stomach.

We will introduce you best chefs from Sri Lanka and India, who will teach you how to recognize what 'real' food is, how to prepare food from healthy ingredients with love and care and always eat with joy and gratitude in a good company.


Albert Einstein said: "Watch the stars, and from them learn." Ancient civilizations all around the world through the history of human being were turning their eyes on the night sky, gate to universe limited only by space and time. Civilizations drew maps on the earth's surface, which bordered their territories and parallelly, drew imaginary lines on the night sky, where they tried to find answers to their questions and predict the future. The stars gave them directions for their life pilgrimages.

We do not know if it is possible to predict the future from stars or read it from palm leaves, but we believe in energies. Shakti is the primordial female energy, which influences the creation of the universe. It is the beginning of every creative and versatile activity. It encourages new ways of thinking, transforming energy, providing the courage to be free but also to be united with whole world. Shakti is the artistic expression of the higher self and unity with universe. Word Trails is a journey to rediscover old routes and to explore new routes. For us, it is journey of self-discovery.


Ayurveda Trails are inspired by two ancient myths, Mahabharata and Ramayana, which are according to us, the oldest travel guides across the Indian continent.

These epics are a journey across the Indian landscape, across its colorful rainbow of heroic deities. They are a journey through India's sacred geography, its history and mythology. They are also an exploration of the human archetypes represented by ancient characters. These epics contain Indian history, traditions and life habits, all melted together into a golden pot of wisdom. They are unconscious mental maps guiding Indians through daily life.

We are trying to transform these epics into trails and routes, to connect you not only with legends and myths, but also with the people who make these stories come alive. The people we will meet are creating a new history. Like Valmiki in Ramayana, we try to spread their message, to connect eastern and western culture just like the bridge between India and Sri Lanka built by Rama.

The text is inspired by meetings and interviews with Dr. George Eassey (1955 – 2013), doctor of oriental medicine and ayurveda, and founder of the first ayurvedic clinic in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 






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