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Reshidev RK was born in Kannur, Kerala, and discovered a passion for art the same day he learned how to hold a pencil. He went on to study sculpture at the Trivandrum College of Fine Arts (Kerala, India). While pursuing sculpture, he realized his passion for illustration and took the leap into the industry, building his career on his unique style. The surreal nature of Reshi's work explores the connections between humans and the mind. His unique strength is his striking illustrations that are inspired by contemporary discourses and rendered in the colorful style of his home state.  


Vidya is a 3D designer from South Asia who presently resides in San Francisco. She likes to express the modern Indian woman's feminine energy with a hint of South Asian culture and sexuality while painting her. She utilizes design to create storylines that she wants to share with the world because she finds peace in imaginary characters. To increase awareness of women's rights and portrayals, she uses cultural and gender topics. She has spent years perfecting her aesthetic as a digital artist while expressing her culture via a modern lens, as seen by her wildly famous Crypto Ranis Series on Super Rare.


Sachin Samson is an artist and muralist who works in a variety of media. He started painting alongside his father in his art-filled household, where his grandmother often told him stories about legendary creatures. He's an expert at digital painting and enjoys experimenting with different mediums and is adept at charcoal drawing as well. His ongoing desire is to create larger-than-life murals

Sachin, an animation design graduate, feels that art is nothing more than discovering one's own path and sharing it with the world in the most genuine way possible. He gets inspiration from his environment, the people he meets, and mythology and folklore as a creative.


Cartoonist Satish Acharya is a cartoonist by choice and an MBA in Finance by profession. His perspective about life in politics, bollywood and other current affairs, strike a strong chord to make his art the talk of the town. Satish's notable work of art is his cartoon art on Charlie Hebdo massacre that created waves of emotions about the terror attack. Satish believes in the mighty power of visuals as a form of his creative expression. 


Archan Nair is a digital artist and illustrator living in Berlin, Germany, who specialises in mixed medium and digital art. Archan's work is auctioned at Christies, a global leader in the art and luxury industries.

Archan began painting when he was 24 years old, in 2006, and began his profession as a self-employed artist in 2007. Since then, he has worked with companies such as Sony, Nike, Red Bull, General Motors, Microsoft, GQ, Vogue, Netflix, and Adobe, and has been featured in publications such as VICE, Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, and many more. He has also received praise from musicians such as Kanye West. Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, and Justine Bateman are among the celebrities with whom he has collaborated. He also likes to work with different music bands and in an interview with RollingStone he said "Most of the time, the musician gives me a freehand and creative freedom to do anything I would like, which I love, as I love translating the sonic vibrations into visuals. Sometimes, they do give a small brief on some of the elements they would like and leave the rest to me.”


Known for his signature style of vector caricatures for over 13 years, Prasad Bhat has gathered a vast array of patrons and clients. Although an engineer by academics, he always found solace in art which helped him channel his creativity and express his opinions without restraint.

The journey of Prasad has been featured several times in the Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicles, Student Magazine, and Creative Gaga magazine as one of the most promising illustrators from India. Many online forums such as YourStory, Buzzfeed, BoredPanda, BlueGape, and several others graciously featured him as an artist with an exceptional style and uncommon appeal.


Vimal Chandran is an Indian interdisciplinary visual artist who specializes in graphics, photography, and filmmaking. Native folk stories, pop culture, poetry, and childhood recollections all influence his art. Vimal crafts dream-like imagery that is both familiar and unexpected, local and global, nostalgic and esoteric all at once. His NFT investigation of the genre 'Indo-Futurism' and the skilled concoction of narrative, as one of the pioneers, has been extensively praised and recognized by art aficionados and media throughout the world. He has worked with companies such as Lamborghini, Disney, Google, and many more.


Rima Kallingal made her cinematic debut in 2009 with the film "Ritu," and during the course of her 12-year career, she has acted in a number of woman-centric films, played characters with complex personalities, and spoken out on social concerns. In 2012, she was awarded the Kerala State Award for the film 22 Female Kottayam and FilmFare Award for Best Actress (Malayalam) for the film Nidra. Rima has been a dedicated dancer for many years and is the founder of Mamangam, a dance company.

Rima is the First Malayalam actor to drop an NFT. The artwork titled ‘The Insurgent Bloom', inspired by Neelakurinji, the flower that blooms once in 12 years in the Western Ghats. The artwork was created in collaboration with other artists, Francis Kurien aka Franky, Lami aka Lakshmi KTP, Mahesh Krishnan aka Bohomonk, and NFT Malayali.


Ajay Menon is a Kerala-based photographer and cinematographer. He enjoys photographing moments from his travels, individuals he meets, and aspects from the regions and cultures he visits. 

Photography has always been Ajay's passion, having worked on several trip documentaries and commercials. Ajay is a Papaya Films and Café Papaya co-founder.

He has been a brand ambassador for VIVO phones for the past 5 years and has worked with significant brands such as Carl Zeiss. His debut picture as a DoP was "Halal Love Story," a feature film.  Since then, he's also worked for Discovery Channel and National Geographic as a Director of Photography.


Jibin Joseph is a visual artist and video editor from Kochi, Kerala. Surrealism and cyberdelic art have impacted his work. He aims to break through the barriers between tangible realms and put together numerous realities.


Shaizy Umar is an Indian visual artist based in New Delhi. She is presently studying a Masters in Fine Arts from Jamia Millia Islamia, where she works on both digital and traditional art. She has been creating and studying art for the past six years. She enjoys creating bold, colorful pictures with exaggerated characteristics of various characters, particularly images of children and ladies. The majority of her works are pictures of women who celebrate their femininity and adaptability.


Fahd Hussein is an Indian artist who collaborates with the psychedelic art and music communities around the world. His projects have included working on music festival art and decor, live visuals, apparel, and a wide range of album art for musicians of various genres. He founded the OnSeed Artist Collective in 2007. His own work is a post-psychedelic jumble of old wisdom, scientific ideas, philosophy, and eastern mysticism.


Computer engineer Varun Desai specializes in interactive design and synthesis. Along with being a graphic designer, programmer, musician, and synthesizer builder, he has also taught and lectured on both hardware and software platforms. His video art uses custom-built microphones, cameras, and sensors to create real-time code-based graphics.

He has contributed to initiatives in Nepal, Poland, the UK, the US, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, and the UK. He has participated in trans-cultural collaborations and residencies as a musician, composer, and educator. He has also produced works that are relevant to the developments in digital technology. Varun also publishes his work in the Web2 and Web3 space under the moniker Varundo. Varundo's 3D depth-map work has been going viral on Facebook and has gathered 740,000 followers.  He is also an officially supported gif artist on Giphy and Tenor with over 40 million gif views. Varundo was an early adopter of NFTs, using the technology to create touchscreen reactive and generative work.


Rajni has been functioning as Creative Director and Motion designer for more than 18 years at Broadcast studios/boutique configuration houses in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Mumbai. A Design major from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, her ventures range from creating large-scale broadcast channel branding, Digital, Show packaging, Art direction, Titles, Promos, Print/Ad campaigns, Motion Graphics, UI Design, 3D Projection Mapping and Son-et-Lumiere shows for heritage spaces in India.

Her work is driven by drawing in individuals with an accentuation on setting explicit, story driven, socially significant and environmentally touchy methodology. As a creator, imaginative chief and theoretical mastermind, she has fostered her visual style where inventiveness, plan, and innovation covers in various mediums. She is currently on an excursion to expand that experience into content and narrating. She has worked with a portion of the world's most famous organizations across diversion, computerized media, innovation. From marking Adventure Park to launching TV channels in United States, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan she delights in the difficulties and is an issue solver, coordinated and conscientious group pioneer.






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